Cape Horn

Black Eyewear Strap

$13.90 $15.90

Designed in the southernmost tip of South America, Cape Horn handmade Eyechains help you keep in mind your sailing adventures. 

The unique fragments of sails, come from sailboats that have traveled thousands of miles on the open sea, and were made of the most innovative materials: Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Dacron, Nylon, Maylar... This Cape Horn Eyechain is the perfect sailing gift with a strong story behind.

Let their surprising adventure rub off on you.

Sail on!

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  • ✔ 100% REAL LEATHER + Recycled yachts Sails, Made in Chile
  • ✔ A BRAND WITH A STORY BEHIND. Contains fragments of RECYCLED REGATTA SAILS from brave sailors of the southernmost tip of Chile
  • ✔ SOFT LEATHER - We've sought out the softest and most comfortable leather material for our Cape Horn eyewear retainer.
  • ✔ STAY STRAPPED - Never lose a pair of sunglasses again. Sunglass Straps will fit securely around the ends of your sunglasses, and keep them on your face.
  • ✔ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We absolutely stand by our products. If at any time you're not satisfied with your Cape Horn glasses strap, go ahead and send it back.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT SAILING GIFT > This product contains an elegant gift packaging, made of cloth bag tied with a nautical rope.