Sailing Anarchy/ June 2018

Cape Horn is truly something special

Notebooks, wallets, card holders, key chains, eyeglass straps, coasters, are just some of the new products that Cape Horn is launching this year, always letting sailors keep their passion close, even on land.
We’ve all seen many different reincarnations of recycled sails, but these guys, located in Chile, South America, have a strong concept and a story behind that inspire. The sails that they use for their handcrafted products come from sailors that have challenged the southernmost tip waters of the world.
Cape Horn is the Mount Everest for sailors and every product is built with the aim to inspire people to challenge their limits, just like a Cape Horner sailing in the coldest, hazardous and wildest waters of the world.

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Yachting World/ August 2017


Antonia Undurraga does think about both. She’s an industrial designer who used to turn sails hoisted for yacht regattas into wallets, bags and more. She liked the stories behind the sails — the adventurous places the yachtsmen had cruised and raced, especially southern Chile — but she wished the recycled products had more elegance, a style that an executive might be proud to carry into a conference room.

“I realized that if I used a little piece of sail, the story is the same and the product looked more elegant and sophisticated,” she says. “Imagine this: You are a lawyer, anything, in a meeting in an office, and you always have to talk with other people when you don’t know them at the start. This is a great icebreaker. You have this thing on your notebook, and this is a sail from the south of Chile, and maybe the other guy says, ‘Oh, my uncle had a boat.’ It’s a way to start a conversation. That’s the idea.”

Undurraga says she spent a year in Chile developing the notebook’s look, including making more than 100 prototypes in different sizes, with various types of paper and other details. She’s a sailor herself, and she has a network of friends who donate the sails she needs. Other swatches she expects to incorporate are made from Dacron, nylon and carbon fiber.

The first Cape Horn notebook is available on for $29, with a yellow Kevlar square. Undurraga hopes other sailors will see what she sees: a keepsake worth having and sharing with friends, wherever their own cruises may take them.

“All the sailing gifts that you see, I always have received gifts that are the same,” she says. “There’s an anchor, a little boat. This gift is different.”



Blue water sailing magazine / August 2017


There is something about products made from recycled sails that seems to be the hip, cool thing right now. There are several companies making bags of supposedly used sails that have been repurposed.

Now a company in deep South America not far from Cape Horn has introduced a series of handsome notebooks that are decorated with swatches of sail cloth that have been cut from old sails abandoned by sailors who have conquered Cape Horn.

There is something romantic about owning a piece of a sail that has rounded the ultimate Cape in the land of glaciers, shipwrecks and seafaring heroics. You can choose your swatch from all types of sail cloth.

So, if you want a unique notebook for jotting down your best ideas, or writing about your plans to sail around Cape Horn, here’s one just for you. For more information log on to



Ocean Navegator/ July 2017


If you’re a sailor or, even better, one with the desire to someday sail around Cape Horn, then you might want to start making notes and lists for your upcoming trip in a notebook with some elements designed to inspire you.

Cape Horn Notebook (, conceived by Antonia Undurraga from Chile, uses squares of retired high-end sails in the construction of its notebooks. The sails are cut into pieces and mounted on the front cover as a design motif (this is the only place where sails are used, the notebook pages are made of paper).

According to Undurraga, an avid sailor who has raced on Optimists, Lasers, windsurfers and big yachts, part of the idea of the notebooks is to promote sailing. Undurraga wrote in an email: “We know that sailors are really proud to be sailors.

That passion sailors have for the sea is our guide; we like to tell that story through simple, quality products that represent the spirit of sailing.”

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Sailing Anarchy/ June 2017


The Cape Horn notebook is truly something special, an item that lets sailors keep their passion close, even on land.

We’ve all seen the countless different reincarnations of recycled sails made into bags, wallets, hats, or some other riff on fabric.

Cape Horn notebooks reimagine the possibilities of recycled sails into a notebook that is truly useful in everyday life. This little item makes a great gift for a sailor, and it is so well designed and useful you’ll find yourself ordering an extra for yourself as well.It’s rare to find a product that feeds your interests and is also useful in all aspects of your life.

You can’t say that about most gadgets that fall under the keywords of “gifts for a sailor.” I mean, imagine taking your cool new thermal camera into the office…it just doesn’t work.

The Cape Horn notebook looks and feels exactly like a traditional black notebook, but also contains fragments of a sails that have traveled all the way to the southernmost tip of South America, and a cute little rope inspired bookmark.

We have one and they are bitchin!

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Yachting & Boating Wold / June 2017


The perfect gift for the next Sir Francis Chichester.

A beautiful gift for fathers who like to keep a journal, or perhaps are thinking of starting a novel on life at sea. Designed in the southernmost tip of South America, Cape Horn notebooks are handmade and have a simple yet chic finish.

The unique fragments on their covers come from sails that have travelled thousands of miles through the Southern Ocean, and were made of the most innovative materials: Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Dacron, Nylon and Maylar.

Each thread bound book opens flat and contains a gusset pocket, a page marker made of sailing rope and an elastic enclosure band. A practical but elegant present for the next Sir Francis Chichester.

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Sailing Anarchy/ November 2016


Not only is this cool as hell, it might make a nice little stocking stuffer present for that studious sailor in your family… You can thank us later.

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